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Love Mathematics

Mathematics is a playful tactic to develop better problem-solving skills with numbers, develop analytical thinking, and better reasoning abilities. It enables humans to develop critical and creative thinking ability.


Mathematics is a nightmare to many students. But to empower yourself to deal with real-world problems, you need to love mathematics. And there is no compulsion to it. If you learn to love math, you will be good at almost everything and every subject – science, physics, computers, etc. Very few students love mathematics while some have a fear of dealing with numbers. They get stressed or scared of mathematics from the 1st or 2nd standard itself. They always find it difficult to understand & learn simple maths even after proper guidance from private tutors and parents. The fear of not excelling in a subject like mathematics may affect the mental health of children. They can feel the fear of maths which can lead to anxiety and fear of examination.


Easy Way to Learn Mathematics with Brain Strength


Here, we work to help students overcome this challenging nightmare. We help them develop skills and train them in powerful ways through our study models. It helps them build self-confidence, develop interests, and empower their creativity in the subject. Ultimately, we aim to train them logically to learn to love maths. Our services will help you if you are finding


  • easy way to learn maths and arithmetics 
  • easy way to learn mathematics, algebra, geometry 
  • easy way to remember order of operations and calculations


Branches of Mathematics


Categorisation of Mathematics into the following branches:


1. Arithmetic

This oldest branch of mathematics deals with numbers and the basic arithmetic operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


2. Algebra

A mathematical branch that deals with arithmetics where we can use numbers along with unknown quantities. Usually, you can represent such unknown quantities by letters like X, Y, A, B, etc. and various symbols. It helps you find the values of these unknowns in algebraic expressions and equations.


3. Geometry

The most practical and playful mathematics branch that deals with shapes. You can learn lines, points, angles, triangles, shapes and sizes of various figures and their unique properties. You will also learn its basic elements – surfaces and solids.


Ace your mathematical powers with our easy approaches and techniques to learn mathematics. To know more about our services, contact us today.

What Our Students and Parents Say

A warm person, with great enthusiasm and demeanor. A charismatic personality with a deep passion for career counseling and education. His vision to help the next generation is quite evident. All the best. I rate him very highly. Has in-depth knowledge.

Om Chauhan

Bharat Sir and Seema Mam are great teachers. Sir has helped me a lot with my issues. I was so nervous about my first session, about opening up to someone about my issues, but the moment I entered, he makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and his techniques really help. He will always guide you! He's a wonderful Counselor. A very genuine one. 🙂

Kirti Sharma

Over the last few years, a number of e-learning institutions and coaching centers work to improve interest in mathematics, where teachers are active while here at Brain Strength is one of the best mathematics learning center I have found for my children. They work with a different concept to create interest in mathematics through various methods with active participation. All methods help to create skills to understand the concept behind each formula, at last, it helps to score marks, as well in practical life.

Shaily Patel

I have a big fear from the 9th standard to understand Maths, which goes out due to the way teachers teach me to understand the formula of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. But after meeting with Bharat sir, the scenario has been changed. He has helped me to understand with toys and mental exercise. So I started to play with science and mathematics and now I am making engineering designs by using idea learn. Big Thank you to them!

Prthmesh Soni

I must say sir is very much kind and polite. He helps you to accept the truth about your life and come out from your biggest fear. One more thing about the Sir is the way he deals with the client is just awesome and moreover familiar. We gained confidence in ourselves. He owes a very genuine and humane approach towards his counselees.

Ayush Shah

The experience was quite good and now I am aware of my nature and I understand that how to deal with my problems. Sir is always there to guide you even after you have completed your sessions. He is the Best!!

Urkesh Shah