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Mind Power Test

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Select most suitable option for you from given options.

1. I know the importance of good education for my future.

2. Before writing the answers in the exam, I create the answers in my mind.

3. Even after a long time I can remember the prepared answers.

4. I give more preference to education then friends.

5. I always read silently.

6. I write down important points while studying.

7. I write the prepared answers in my spare time.

8. I get disturbed While studying with TV and mobile.

9. Frequently I get stressed during examination time.

10. I know the importance of education in the success of successful individuals.

11. I don't get disturbed by radio and TV while studying.

12. Easily understood answers as the teachers explain.

13. I take rest in between long hours of study.

14. I comfortably involve in studies .

15. I read lesson before attending class.

16. I have good hand writing.

17. I get disturbed by my friends while studying.

18. Right answers easily not retain in exams.

19. I have respected my school/class.

20. My interest seems to increases after starting studies in any subject.

21. I recall prepared answers at free time in school/class.

22. My study speed is similar for all subjucts.

23. I avoid to cremming answers .

24. I prepare notes at home based on what I learnt at school or class.

25. I do my homework myself.

26. I disturb my parents while studying.

27. I can't write correct answer during exams.

28. I am aware of my inner weakness behind my low marks.

29. I feel self motivated, while I starts studying.

30. The minds of my family members remain calm during my exams .

31. I am regular in school and class.

32. I prepare MCQ answers myself.

33. I also remember the diagrams along with the important points of the lesson.

34. I give exams as per self-prepared notes,.

35. I feel study is easy and like it.

36. I get enough sleep during exams.

37. I know the reason behind lower scores.

38. I control the thoughts while studying.

39. I read carefully, so that I can easily understand each topic.

40. I look at the prepared answers during the holidays.

41. My parents trust me because of the way I study.

42. I like extra reading.

43. Teachers are satisfied with my written answers.

44. I get tired due to too much writing.

45. My health deteriorates during exams.