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Interest Test

Interest Test BACK TO LIST

Select most suitable option for you from given options.

1. Packing of fruit juice packing in different size.

2. Modified old machine into new useful format.

3. Note income and expenditure at your home.

4. Read book and watch videos to making new machine.

5. Teach kids in play group.

6. Collect pictures from news papers and decorate school board.

7. Read books of subjects of interesting subjects during free time.

8. Participate in bhakti music program at temple.

9. Note down telephonic massage and pass to right person in office.

10. Helps to treated ill people in medical camp .

11. Observing birds and wild animals in forest.

12. Behave like an engineer with your friends as knowing about faulty machine.

13. Fast calculating amounts on mobile .

14. Work in pathological lab to check blood and stool to identified illness.

15. some time tailing interesting story to small children.

16. Enjoying nature in rain in forest far away from city .

17. Inform about news to old people read in paper and watch on net.

18. Listen music for long time during free time.

19. work as writing stories on computer.

20. Treatment of injured street animals and birds.

21. Farming in scientific manner.

22. Repairing of faulty kitchen appliances.

23. Learn formula of arithmetic with keen interest.

24. Take part for experiments in school science laboratory.

25. Collect advertisements from relatives for your school magazines.

26. Sketch designs on paper for furniture for home.

27. Helps students to preparing for comparative exams.

28. Download songs from mobile to listen.

29. Work like telephone operator in office.

30. Helps to make healthy through physical exercises to old people and children.

31. Motivate school children to play outdoor games.

32. Visit machine manufacturing industries for long time.

33. Work as math’s teacher with youth.

34. Use computerize telescope to see stars from sky.

35. Teach small children of nabors.

36. shout photographs of wild animals in forest.

37. Daily read story from books and news paper.

38. Participate in TV reality show.

39. Properly rearrangement of books in school library.

40. Social work in area of water scarcity .

41. Observe and note down characters of wild animals.

42. Separate spare parts of toy to know mechanism.

43. Solve mathematical puzzles from news paper.

44. Try to understand definitions of science.

45. Decorations with flowers for marriage program.

46. Works as manger in big office.

47. Every day shear experience with small children.

48. Learn music with music teacher.

49. Guide poor peoples to deposit money in for saving.

50. Telecast news on TV.

51. Enjoys horse riding.

52. Repairing of small electrical instruments.

53. Calculate estimate cast for the decoration of new office.

54. Find cause of earth quack.

55. Draw natural seen in free time

56. Manufacturing of decorative articles for home.

57. Learning of many languages.

58. Learn musical instrument like Gaiter or keyboard.

59. Preparing bills in a departmental store.

60. Guiding to people to save self with different addictions .

61. Play in open ground with friends at free time.

62. Visit a pharmaceutical industries to know how to make medicines.

63. Preparing bills by using calculators in a vegetable shop.

64. Work at police station.

65. Design wall papers on computer for room.

66. Work as professor of international language.

67. Learn about cultural diversity of countries.

68. Make new music to sing song.

69. Give right information of science fare at school.

70. Give treatment of mentally upset people due to workload.

71. Work in weather scientist at hilly area.

72. Understand mechanism of scoter .

73. Calculate interest and note down and distrubte.

74. Research in food industries .

75. Motivate people for hard work.

76. Draw sketches of face of person.

77. Read various books on “how to sucesses”.

78. Participate to sing song during schools annual function.

79. Sales and purchase of new and old mobile.

80. Helping to provide jobs to handicaps