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Interest Test

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Select most suitable option for you from given options.

1. Packing of fruit juice in different measures.

2. Converting an old machine to a new useful form..

3. Keep track of household income and expenses.

4. Read books and watch videos, to invent new machines,.

5. Teaching young kids in playgroups.

6. Collect pictures from news papers to decorate school board.

7. Reading books on favorite subjects in leisure time.

8. Participate in a program of devotional songs at the temple.

9. To note down the message on the office phone and deliver it to the right person.

10. Helping in the treatment of sick persons at Medical Camp.

11. Going to the forest to see different animals and birds.

12. Behave like an engineer with friends as amongst faulty machine.

13. Fast calculating amounts on mobile .

14. Blood and urine tests in the laboratory to detect the disease.

15. Sometimes telling stories to young children

16. Going to the forest away from the city and enjoying the nature.

17. Informing the elders about the news read in the paper and seen on the internet.

18. Listening to music in leisure time.

19. Writing a story using a computer.

20. Treating injured animals and birds.

21. Farming scientifically.

22. To repair equipment in the kitchen.

23. Taking interest in learning arithmetic formulas.

24. Involve in science experiments in the school laboratory.

25. Collecting advertisements for school magazines from neighborhood

26. Designing home furniture on paper.

27. To prepare the youth for the competitive examination.

28. Download songs from mobile to listen.

29. Working as a telephone operator in office.

30. Helping adults and children with exercise to keep them healthy.

31. To encourage school children to play in open ground.

32. Visit machine manufacturing industries for long time.

33. Working with youngsters like a math's teacher.

34. Observing stars in the open sky with a computerized telescope.

35. To teach children of the neighbors.

36. Go to the forest and take photos of wild animals.

37. Reading papers and story books every day.

38. Participate in reality shows on TV.

39. Arrange books properly in the school library.

40. Helping in areas with water scarcity.

41. To observe the habits of wild animals.

42. Disassemble the toys and look at the design of the machine.

43. Solve mathematical puzzles from news paper.

44. Understand the terminology of science.

45. Decorate the stage with flowers for the wedding occasion.

46. Working as a manager in corporate office.

47. Share experience with small children every day.

48. Learning music from music teacher.

49. To Guide the poor to save money and deposit it in the bank.

50. Giving news on TV.

51. Horse riding.

52. Repairing of small electrical instruments.

53. Preparing budget for decoration of new office.

54. Find cause of earth quack.

55. Draw natural scene in free time

56. Creating things that improves the beauty of the home.

57. Learning of many languages.

58. Learn musical instrument like guitar or keyboard.

59. Preparing bills in a departmental store.

60. Convincing people to stay away from various addictions.

61. Play physical games in open ground with friends during free time.

62. Visit a pharmaceutical industries to know how to make medicines.

63. Preparing bills using calculators in a vegetable shop.

64. Work at police station.

65. Design wall papers on computer for room.

66. Work as professor of international language.

67. To know the culture of different parts of the country.

68. Make new music for song.

69. Giving correct information of science fair to the school.

70. Treating people who experience excessive mental stress.

71. Going to the beach to work as a environmental scientist.

72. Studying the scooter machine.

73. Calculate and distribute the wages of the workers in the factory.

74. Doing research in a food processing factory.

75. Motivate people for hard work.

76. Draw faces on the computer.

77. Read different books to get success.

78. Preparing for the school's music program.

79. Sales and purchase of new and old mobile.

80. Helping disable person to find employment.