Science is so Easy

Smart Memory Techniques Today’s parents want to nurture the qualities of smart learner in their child. Every child have huge capacity to grasp memories and learn up to 200 words a day and more than thousands sentence or events every day. We Brain strength want to nurture that quality in your child from childhood. To develop basic quality to open the door to enter in collages like IIT, IIM.

Science of How Brain works

Each normal child always is a unique individual with huge potential to be learn and developement. Psychologically proven that use of Left Brain and Right Brain allows our children to learn faster and more deeply with interest. It is our mission here to create interest of child in school study form age of 5 years.

Also nurture the young’s developments enabling our students to harness the extraordinary powers of the right brain to produce wonderful results. During the ages 0-3, the right brain works dominantly. During this period, it is important duty to provide as much as a baby needs, and to stimulate his or her five senses regularly.

The RIGHT brain is full of feelings and sensations, highly creative, inherent and learns through practical up information through a type of intuitive absorption. On other end The LEFT brain is responsible for logical inputs, languages and everything that we see in society, methodical, disciplined and learns through repetition, reason and organization of data.

Great reality is our children grow and mature too much faster than parents imagine. The human brain rapidly starts developing soon after birth to work with inputs. At the age of six, 70% of the brain is fixed the way to work, and at around the age of 13, almost 90% of the brain is decided working method.

Between age of 5 years to 16 years When the right brain is developed well together with the left brain, the heart will be raised to a high level of potential. That is when a child is able to exceed our expectations and show his or her strengths. What your child gain

• Develop scientific and natural method of reading, listening and observation.

• Speed and quantum reading.

• Quickly understand chapter through his most suitable learning method.

• New way to concentrate on study and teachers.

• Have develop capacity to hold prepared answer for long time of many years.

• Develop confidence in study.

• Develop capacity to solve MCQs.

• Highly useful for science and math’s.

• Helps to score higher marks in every examination.

• Develop photographic memory.

Make Math’s Easy

People who are masters in mathematics use better ideas than the rest of us, They don't necessarily have better IQ. We teach simple tactic that can helping you multiplying large numbers in mind, doing mental long division, even squaring and finding square roots of numbers off the top of your head.

Indian student have number of problems in algebra and geometric from lower standard so they have fear of this subjects. We also train children to use few tricks to apply in algebra and geometry so that they solve problems faster with quick understanding.


• Learn math’s with confidence. • Improve understanding in math’s.

• Know idea to simplify algebra and geometry.

• Remember formula easily.

• Helps in entrance exams for IIT, Management, Engineering and other professional.

Science is so easy

Most of school student have difficulty in science subject from lower standard due to words of Physics, Chemistry or Biology . Many students have fear to remember it. They always try to crum . They pronounce and write so many time but unable to remember them upto 12 standard. They have fear of words of science from 5th or 6th standard. Science is full of unknown words which hardly we use in daily. Some of them are difficult to grasp and pronounce as well.Number of word has different meaning in Physic, Chemistry and Biology which create more confusion. Most of students don’t know

• How to remember word.

• How to pronounce.

• Why & How understand meaning.

• Important of specific words in definition or answers.

All this insist a child to avoid or ignore science and atlas effects over school study and results. We Brain Strength understand problems and we helps to student by helping them to solve all these and make science easy and interesting. So that the inspire to learn science with self interest.

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