Parenting Workshop

Child & Parents Counseling
Most of parents need solutions of number of problems to build healthy self image in child as value of education is increases. On same time social changes arises due to nuclear family, electronic and media. In this situation parents need professional guide to serve child. we are personally helping you for problems.

study problems
• Learning Disability / difficulties or Dyslexia.

• Hyperactivity, Weak Attention & Concentration skills,

• Very Naughty/Mischievous/Destructive and Restless of Child.

Behavior Problems
• Being aggressive, stubborn, adamant, answering back, disobedience, Temper Tantrums and hitting other school kids. Adjustment problems • like stealing, lying, having relations with opposite s ex, keeping bad company, spending more, talking too long over phone, showing off and other related adolescent adjustment issues

Emotional problems
• Memory, Concentration, Decision Making & Time Management related problems

• Exam phobia, refusal to attend school, psychogenic aches/ pains/ headaches/ stomachaches/ fits/ seizures, psychogenic stammering, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, bed wetting, thumb sucking, nail biting and other conditions like involuntary body movements of eyes/neck/facial muscles etc. All these effects negatively over your child’s total development and at last he may sufferer in next time.

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