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DMIT Test or Finger Prints Test
Every Child comes in the world with natural gifts in form of one or more talent. Gift may be Creativity like Drawing, Music, Dance or maybe Sports like Cricket, Foot ball, hokey or Game like Chess Solving puzzles or other. Most off parents are unable to find out the Inborn Talent of their child. In same way every child have own self study method and learning method. Parents are also unable to find it. Its effect is child is unable to behave nicely.

DMIT Report is the best science to find the relationship between your child’s brain & fingerprints. Do you Know ?

• The pattern of fingerprint are the latest technique to find absolute truth of a child’s inborn talent.

• Every child is unique & born Genius in some specific area.

• Every child has combination of 8 intelligence in different proportions.

• The real difference between Child’s INTEREST & INTELLIGENCE due to not adopting science.

• Know What is your child’s Personal Learning System which helps him to concentrate and improve memory.

• You know is your child Left Brain Thinker or Right brain Thinker?

• How to apply Multiple intelligence theory for your child’s Brain Development DMIT will help you

• Understand Inherent Potential of the Brain

• Child’s Personal Learning System.

• Distribution of Multiple Intelligence

• IQ, EQ, CQ & AQ

• Know Stress Management Activity

• Career Guidance after 10th and 12th

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