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Career Selection - A joint venture project There are golden opportunity talented and skilled professional in every professions. So don’t hurry for career selection.

In India mostly career decisions based on unreliable information & peer pressure can create number of problems in your career may during study or in professional life. If you're like many students or parents confused with educational or career decisions, you may be uncertain about how to get started for career selection.

Making the right career choice through Brain strength Brain strength helps students and parents to provide right Career Guidance through various scientific methods for right career decisions.

• Online career guidance test.

• Personalize Career Guidance test.

• DMIT Test.

Online career test What career best for you & why? Online career test can helping you by providing important information for guiding your career selections.

Based on a characterization of your personality and your interest area you will learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you.

This report helps you best career options after 10th . The results of this career test provide you with a detailed list about area of liking .

Choose a career that matches your abilities with the Brain strength online report and you will increase your chances of being successful with little guidance with parents and teachers.

Brain strength, a Career Counseling Service that assesses one's Learning abilities, aptitude , personality , interest and internal motivator by using psychometric tests , can facilitate you make an informed to make Career Decision !


Psychometric testing refers to the process of measuring a candidate's relevant strengths as personality, aptitude, interest, & values and weaknesses.

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